Approving content before publication

Your boss requires to validate tweets you create before it’s published? Your customer want to review Facebook’s posts you schedule?

No problem. Nuke Suite allows posts to be sent for approval before they are published via the platform.

nuke-suite-post-content-review-processOnce you’ve created a post, you can select a team member for review. That person will receive a notification email, and can refuse or approve the post for publication. You can then discuss about optimisation for the contenu as both creator and reviewer can add notes and see post edition history.

Once the feedback is given by the reviewer, the publication’s creator will receive an alert, and, if the publication was refused, will be able to modify it and resend for approval.

Every post is visible from the Planning page. 4 different status can be applied to a content:

  • published
  • approved
  • being approved
  • rejected

Users can see the status of all content and change if desired.

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