Creating a profiling programme

Access the complete list of consolidated profiles of your communities through Convert!

Creating a profiling program lets you set the Facebook page and the Facebook connection with your website .

To set your profiling program, follow the simple steps below.

1. Go to Convert / Settings

2. Select “Create a programme



3. Give a name to your programme



4. Select the Facebook page you want the user to be identified. The Facebook page you want is not present in the list? Add it now !



5. Define theFacebook application which allow to Facebook Connect on your website.


You do not have installed, Facebook Connect on your site? Contact us now, we can help you to achieve it.

You would like to create a Facebook application for Facebook Connect? Follow the instructions to create an application here.

The application exists but you do not know how to get the credentials? Follow these instructions.


6. Set of people you want to share the management of this program.



7. Save !



Bravo !
Your program was created. You can now access the consolidated profiles for your brand. You can also set up a score program.

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