Consolidating social profiles

Nuke Suite’s Convert module gives you access to the complete list of consolidated profiles of your communities.

Create a profiling program on Nuke Suite after defining your Facebook page and your website. Fans, followers and users of your website are then identified by our system, a consolidated profile gathering all user information is then built.

The profile of each user shows the social data and its different identities on the website, Facebook page or Facebook applications. The list of these profiles is available for Convert / Profiles.


These profiles also show the history of user interactions with the brand – see details here. You can access the history of user exchanges and bring an answer whenever it is necessary using Nuke Suite.

In addition, Nuke Suite offers the possibility to set up a social score. By defining social actions to take into account (likes, shares, comments, participation to an application from the website or from the Facebook page) and the number of points assigned to each of these actions, the system daily calculates a score for the user.

The profile shows the score of the week and the cumulative score for each user.

You can then export automatically (via API or FTP – contact us for setting this up!) or manually to import or develop attractive and personalised benefits for your customers using loyalty program, marketing funnels, etc.

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