Accessing Social Profiles

Nuke Suite Convert tools give you access to a complete list of consolidated profiles of all your communities.

You can create a profiling program for your brand. Once this is done, you can access all of the users who are active on your website, your Facebook page or Facebook applications.



Clicking on a profile, you can access all of the information collected for this user. The Nuke Suite system enables the unique identification of the user (you can have multiple identifiers on Facebook according to the origin or the visited page!).

So you can see the full name of the user’s, their profile picture, email, gender, age, nationality, etc.

It is also possible to access the data declared by the user as part of an application form. We can then know the email data, postal address, telephone number, optin, or any other type of data that can be presented in a form.



From the profile, it is also possible to access the interactions made by the user with the brand.

It is also possible to access the social score of the user – get more info about the social score here.


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