Starting with Social Applications

Nuke Suite proposes a complete list of marketing applications including more than 15 experiences.

A Facebook application is a set of features and content added to your Facebook page and accessible from a tab. Our applications are available on Facebook for mobile, tablets and PC (more details are provided later in this section).

Nuke Suite offers customisable application templates designed for Facebook, all of which include essential features like a fan page, an entry form, and sharing capabilities.

You can build an application and run it on your Facebook page with Nuke Suite by providing your basic information (brand name, application name, the basic application icons, the privacy policy, etc.) and retrieving the application ID from the Facebook Developer space – learn how.

Once launched, you can access live registration insights for your app.  Application and user data (got from the form) can be exported from here.

Social Application Statistics

Please note: providing a privacy policy for a Facebook application is mandatory. If it is not provided, Facebook reserves the right to remove the application.

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