Create & customise your Social Wall application

Create & customise your Social Wall application
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You want to start a Social Wall on your website?

Social Wall displays users’ social publications on your website. Here are the steps to simply set-up one using Nuke Suite.

1. Creating the Social Wall on Nuke Suite

Go to the section Web apps in Enrich.

2. Create your social wall

Fill in the fields: specify the domain on which it is installed, the desired width of a post – we recommend between 300 & 360 pixels – and define wether you want to moderate the content a priori or not.

Nota : therefore the application adapts to the screen size and is can perfectly be reached from a mobile phone, PC or tablet.


Add content from Instagram & Twitter

First, you have to create an application on Instagram Developers (see our tutorial) & on Twitter Developers (see our tutorial).

Advice : creating the applications only takes a few minutes. If you need someone to help, contact us.

4. Define the desired hashtags

List the hashtags you want content from. We recommend to use maximum 5 hashtags for a Social Wall – traffic on the hashtag is also to be considered.

5. You want to customise the look of your Social Wall?

Social Wall includes an original design. Nuke Suite allows apply your graphical guidelines to the application by modifying the elements of the Social Wall via the edition of the CSS stylesheet. A web integrator can provide the necessary elements.

We can also help you, contact us.


From Nuke Suite, simply add attributes to existing CSS classes. Save and defined customisation will automatically be applied to your Social Wall.

6. Finale step : add the Social Wall on your website

It could not be easier ! Copy the embed code provided by Nuke Suite (under Integration tab). Paste this code in the page of your site.


Voilà !

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