Requesting data on form

Nuke Suite offer the opportunity to collect data whilst proposing user a rich social experience. You can then define a 100% customisable form for each application.

You can choose whether a field is mandatory or not and also manage the order of the displayed fields. Some fields can be pre-filled with the user data, in order to get a better conversion rate.


You can also use the Smart Data Capture function to optimise data collection.

Tip: The more information you ask for during the registration process, the fewer visitors will finish completing the form. We therefore recommend that you only ask your fans for information that’s most important to you.

Nuke Suite allows you to customise the form for each of the available applications. The proposed default data are:

– Gender
– First name
– Surname
– Date of birth
– Email
– Phone number
– Address
– Postcode
– City
– Country

With Nuke Suite, you can completely customise the form using the following field types:

– text area
– multi-select
– hierarchical multi-select, allows to ask data easily with dynamic fields (for example you want to ask the nearest users’ store, you can propose to select region, city and then the store)
– radio button
– tickbox
– optin
– date
– Facebook page like button

The data collected will then be available in exportable files – see Available user data

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