Finding Facebook account ID

Looking for the Facebook ID of a profile or brand page?

Each user profile or brand page on Facebook has a unique ID. In addition to informing you about the seniority of your account – the higher the ID, the more recent the account – this ID can be useful in many cases: adding a user as an administrator of your brand page or a facebook application for testing for example.

When you create a user account on Facebook, a link made of numbers or letter is automatically assigned to this profile. If you do not customise it, your profile address contains your Facebook ID. However, if you or your friend have already personalised the address of your profile (if you want to do it, it’s here>!), The ID is not visible in the URL .


To get the ID of a Facebook account:

1. Go to the Facebook profile of the account in question. The URL of the profile will be visible in the address bar of your browser.

2. Copy the username only, the part of the address located after the “/”; in this example, it is mark

2. Enter the following address:, with the username of the Facebook account you wish to obtain the ID of (in the example used here the url will be:

A few lines of text should appear on the page. The first line will be the account ID. Just copy and paste this in the tester or administrator section of Facebook developers.

Important Update!

Following the private data scandals on Cambridge Analytica and the implementation of RGPD (all information on, Facebook considers that the Facebook ID is a private data. The above procedure may possibily not work properly.

A possible alternative may allow you to determine the Facebook ID of the account you want.

Online services like this one or this one can help you to copy the address of the Facebook profile of your friend or colleague and get his Facebook ID. Be careful, with the data privacy, it may not work for everyone.

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