Creating application from Instagram Developers

You need to create an Instagram application for your Social Wall?

1. Access the Instagram Developers platform

First, log on to the platform Instagram Developers.


An Instagram Developer account is required. While creating your first application, Instagram proposes to verify your account.

2. Check your Instagram account

Providing certain information such as your website, and confirm the Terms of use and Brand Guidelines.



You are then asked to provide your phone number. A code is sent by SMS, enter it in the field provided for this purpose.



Instagram-create-application-enter-security code

3. Creating Instagram application

You can now create your application. Click on “Register a new client”.


4. Define Instagram application parameters

Enter the information requested for the creation of the application: application name, description, brand name, website address, a link to the privacy policy and a contact email.

If you create the app for a Social Wall, the redirect URL (URI) is not required.

Enter the captcha & validate.


Your application is then created , you can access its settings at any time from
Your application is then created, you can access its settings at any time from application management section on Instagram Developer.


Nota : you can create up to 5 applications on an Instagram account.

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