Get data-driven recommendations for posts

By studying the performances of your past posts (number of clicks, like, comments, shares etc …) and the trafic on your website, NukeSuite can propose, for each posting times defined in your schedule, relevant publications to plan.

Select an account for which you have already set up posting times in order to see the suggestions.

Smart Publishing recommandation post social

For each posting times you can then:
Validate a post to be scheduled on the selected posting times.
Edit a post before scheduling it.
Schedule this content on a different posting times.
Reject the content proposal and receive a new recommendation.
Navigate through other suggestions or reload the recommandations to have 4 new proposals for posts to publish.

Click on “This post performed last year on the same date” to open the Facebook publication in a new tab.

Come back every day to discover the new recommendations and schedule performant posts.

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