Tracking publication performance statistics

Within the Analyse section, you can track key performance insights of all published content through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Access a list of all publications over the selected period. Through a set of filters, Nuke Suite allows you to customise your statistics : filter by network or account to compare results from the publications.

You can then have a deep look at the post reach. You can track both the organic, paid & earned reach for your Facebook posts. To get this, click on the publication to see the detailed insights.

Publishing-reach-interaction-engagement-rateNota : For Twitter and Instagram, exact reach is not available for the moment through APIs. we provide an expected reach (number of followers) giving the ability to compare publications performance.

Track all interactions with each of your publications. By clicking on the publication, you can discover the interactions in detail:
– likes
– comments
– shares
– clicks on the post
– clicks on the post content: link, image, video
– Retweets
– replies
– favourites

Nuke Suite provides an engagement rate, calculated for any publication -see calculation here.

You can export the publishing insights in order to make your own calculations in an excel file.

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