Starting with the Newsfeed

Starting with the Newsfeed
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The newsfeed is an activity feed of your social media accounts. It allows you to follow and act on content posted by users.

Nuke Suite allows you to access all of the feedbacks by users on your brand accounts or pages : comments, replies, retweets, mentions, private messages, etc. See the complete list of content presented in newsfeed.

From the Answer section, you can access a customisable social conversation newsfeed. Select account, choose content and build your own tool including all the content. You can customise the display selecting different Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts used in Nuke Suite.




Nuke Suite makes it easier to moderate content; with ability to answer, like, add as favourite, hide or delete this content. Whilst clicking on a content, the full conversation is displayed in the column allowing to understand the full exchanges.

You can assign every content done by user to a team member – learn how to assign a content



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