Connecting social accounts

Connecting social accounts
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To start using NukeSuite, and regardless the modules you are using, just log in to the platform and add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google or Youtube accounts. To do so, go to My Profile > Accounts and click on the “Add an account” button.

Choose the social network you want to connect and click on the “Connect” button. Validate the permissions displayed then choose one or several accounts to add to NukeSuite.

⚠️ You must be administrator of an account to add it to NukeSuite.


Select one or several modules to use with your account (Engage for publishing, Answer for moderation, Analyse to get statistics, Enrich to create apps and Convert to create a fidelity program). Be careful because modules can’t be unselected and every module activated will be considered as consumed.


Your account can now be used in the selected modules !

Connecting a Facebook channel on NukeSuite

Video tutorial

Connecting a Twitter channel on NukeSuite

Video tutorial

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