Connecting social channels

To start using Nuke Suite (for whatever module you have licensed), just log in to Nuke Suite and add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Youtube pages by going to your account page (“My Accounts” in the drop down menu under your name) and clicking the “Add an Account” button on the right of the page.

Nuke Suite will only ask you to share the access to your social accounts in order to manage your communities. No password or personal data are stored on the Nuke Suite platform.

Click “Connect” and follow the pop-up prompts to connect any of your social accounts to Nuke Suite.


On your account page, you can choose the modules for which you want to use the social accounts you have added. Adding an account on a module is final and compatible in the number of licences used.

Connecting a Facebook channel on Nuke Suite

Video tutorial

Connecting a Twitter channel on Nuke Suite

Video tutorial


Once you have connected your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. account to Nuke Suite, a list of the pages that you administer appears and you can add them to Nuke Suite.

Only pages and accounts of which your are an administrator of can be added to Nuke Suite for publication, creating applications and other functions. However, the competitor benchmarking tool will let you add pages and accounts which you do not administer for analytics only.

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