Twitter Statistics

NukeSuite provides access to the following indicators for Instagram statistics:
(each stratistic has aunique data key)

Community statistics

– tw_community_page_followers_global: number of followers to date
– tw_community_new_page_follow: number of new followers on the selected period
– tw_community_new_page_unfollows: number of unsubscriptions received over the selected period
– tw_community_page_following: number of people followed to date

Statistiques de reach

– tw_reach_impressions_global: impressions of the period
– tw_reach_impressions_paid: sponsored impressions over the period

Engagement statistics

– tw_engagement_posts_number: number of tweets over the period
– tw_engagement_posts_type_number: types of tweets over the period
– tw_engagement_interactions_global_number: number of interactions over the period (customizable)
– tw_engagement_posts_photo_number: number of tweets photos over the period
– tw_engagement_posts_video_number: number of video tweets over the period
– tw_engagement_posts_link_number: number of tweets links over the period
– tw_engagement_shares_number: number of retweets over the period
– tw_engagement_comments_number: number of responses over the period
– tw_engagement_comments_own_number: number of responses by the brand over the period
– tw_engagement_likes_number: number of likes on the period
– tw_engagement_clicks_profile_number: Number of profile clicks over the period
– tw_engagement_clicks_link_number: number of clicks on an url over the period
– tw_engagement_clicks_hashtag_number: number of clicks on a hashtag over the period
– tw_engagement_clicks_details_number: number of openings details about the period
– tw_engagement_clicks_permalink_number: number of clicks on a permalink over the period
– tw_engagement_clicks_app_open_number: number of application openings over the period
– tw_engagement_clicks_app_download_number: number of application installations over the period
– tw_engagement_clicks_follow_number: number of subscriptions received since a tweet over the period
– tw_engagement_clicks_send_mail_number: number of tweets sent by email over the period
– tw_engagement_media_views_number: number of views of a media over the period
– tw_engagement_media_interactions_number: number of engagements with a media over the period
– tw_engagement_engaged_users_number: number of users hired per day
– tw_engagement_community_engagement_rate_global: overall community engagement rate over the period
– tw_engagement_page_engagement_rate_global: page engagement rate over the period
– tw_engagement_interactivity_engagement_rate_global: interactivity engagement rate over the period
– tw_engagement_virality_engagement_rate_global: virality commitment rate over the period
– tw_engagement_post_engagement_rate_global: posts engagement rate

Posts statistics

– tw_posts_date: date of publication
– tw_posts_text: text content of the publication
– tw_posts_type: publication type (Text / Video / Photo / Link)
– tw_posts_sponsoring: sponsored publication or not
– tw_posts_label: NukeSuite tags
– tw_posts_impressions_number: total impressions of publications, Total duration
– tw_posts_impressions_organic_number: organic impressions of publications, total duration
– tw_posts_impressions_paid_number: paid impressions of publications, Total duration
– tw_posts_interactions_number: sum (likes + replies + retweets)
– tw_posts_shares_number: retweets
– tw_posts_comments_number: answers
– tw_posts_likes_number: I like
– tw_posts_clicks_number: sum (link clicks + photo view + clicks to play + other clicks)
– tw_posts_clicks_link_number clicks on a link
– tw_posts_clicks_hashtag_number: hashtag clicks
– tw_posts_clicks_details_number: opening details
– tw_posts_clicks_permalink_number: permalink clicks
– tw_posts_clicks_app_open_number: opening applications
– tw_posts_clicks_app_download_number: installing applications
– tw_posts_clicks_follow_number: subscriptions
– tw_posts_clicks_send_mail_number: send the tweet by email
– tw_posts_media_views_number: media views
– tw_posts_media_interactions_number: interactions
– tw_posts_community_engagement_rate_global: commitment

Moderation Statistics

– tw_moderation_comments_received: all comments received
– tw_moderation_comments_assigned: all assigned comments
– tw_moderation_comments_answered: all comments answered
– tw_moderation_comments_tagged: all comments tagged
– tw_moderation_comments_response_rate: response rate
– tw_moderation_comments_team_member: response by team member
– tw_moderation_comments_tagged_comments_percent: percentage of comments tagged
– tw_moderation_comments_sort_tag: comments by tag
– tw_moderation_comments_users_number: number of unique users who comment
– tw_moderation_comments_users: users who comment the most
– tw_moderation_mp_received: all private messages received
– tw_moderation_mp_assigned: all assigned private messages
– tw_moderation_mp_answered: all private messages processed
– tw_moderation_mp_response_time: response time
– tw_moderation_mp_tagged: all private messages tagged
– tw_moderation_mp_response_rate: response rate
– tw_moderation_mp_team_member: Private Messages by Team Member
– tw_moderation_mp_tagged_comments_percent: percentage of private messages tagged
– tw_moderation_mp_sort_tag: private messages by tag
– tw_moderation_mp_users_number: number of unique users sending private messages
– tw_moderation_mp_users: users who send the most private messages

Hightlights statistics

– tw_highlights_page_likes_global: number of followers to date
– tw_highlights_posts_number: number of tweets on the selected period
– tw_highlights_reach_global: global reach deduplicated on the current month
– tw_highlights_impressions_global: deduplicated global impressions for the current month
– tw_highlights_interactions_number: number of interactions over the period for the selected period
– tw_highlights_community_engagement_rate_global: global community engagement rate for the selected period

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