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  1. Getting Started with Nuke Suite

    1. Discovering Nuke Suite
    2. Connecting social accounts
    3. Working as a team
    4. Verifying your YouTube account
  1. Accessing the platform

    1. Login in to NukeSuite for the first time
    2. Changing password on Nuke Suite
    3. Browser compatibility
    4. My personal data
  1. Publishing on social channels

    1. Publishing content on several social accounts
    2. Creating a publication
    3. Publishing images on Facebook and Twitter
    4. Publishing video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
    5. Publishing links on Twitter and Facebook
    6. Live preview
    7. Publishing with Emojis
    8. Publishing using hashtags
    9. Mentioning account while publishing
    10. Scheduling a publication for a later time or date
    11. Getting a pre-planned Facebook URL before it’s live
    12. Managing a Facebook page as a team
    13. Restricting publication visibility
    14. Targeting specific fans
    15. Editing scheduled content
    16. Labeling posts on Nuke Suite
    17. Creating a Dark Post on Facebook
    18. Creating a YouTube playlist
  1. Publishing planning

    1. Accessing all publications in the Calendar
    2. Creating publication from the Calendar
    3. Type of publications accessed in the Calendar
    4. Changing or deleting publications from the Calendar
  1. Content Repository

    1. Starting with Content Drive
    2. Storage available in content repository
  1. Publication Template

    1. Using a publication template
    2. Sharing publication templates
  1. Validation Process for Publications

    1. Approving content before publication
    2. Approval notification
    3. Accessing the publication status
    4. The publication not approved by the set time
  1. Moderating User Content

    1. Starting with the Newsfeed
    2. Kind of content in the newsfeed
    3. Removing a comment or Tweet
    4. Responding directly to user comments
    5. Getting alerted for negative comments
    6. Labeling Comments and other Content
    7. Content sentiment analysis
  1. Content assignment

    1. Assigning content to your team to optimise moderation
    2. Content can be assigned
    3. Setting a priority to the assignment
    4. Setting a task deadline
    5. Actions on assigned content
  1. Pages and accounts analytics

    1. Statistiques de modération
    2. Statistics for social channels
    3. Defining period of the statistics report
    4. Facebook Statistics
    5. Facebook global and local pages management
    6. Twitter Statistics
    7. Instagram Statistics
    8. Reporting for several accounts
    9. Data to find brand ambassadors
    10. Most engaging publications
    11. Data availability duration
  1. Publication Statistics

    1. Tracking publication performance statistics
    2. Publishing engagement rate
    3. Promoting Facebook posts
    4. Exporting posts insights
  1. Social applications

    1. Starting with Social Applications
    2. Available application templates
    3. Requesting permission to access data
    4. Accessing applications on mobile
    5. Creating application from Facebook Developers
    6. Getting Application ID & Secret App
    7. Creating Facebook Developer account
    8. Testing application before it is uploaded
    9. Getting an error when loading application
    10. Adding someone as a tester of Facebook App
    11. Finding Facebook account ID
    12. Customising application images
    13. Finding out size for app visuals
    14. Submiting terms and conditions
    15. Increase application shareability
    16. Browser compatibility
    17. Available statistics for application
    18. Available user data
    19. Managing application final prize draw
    20. Presenting a form to user
    21. Requesting data on form
    22. Presenting opt-in
    23. Creating Portal App
    24. Using Smart Data Capture
    25. Set your application online
    26. Creating application from Instagram Developers
    27. Create & customise your Social Wall application
    28. Creating application from Twitter Developers
  1. Social profiling

    1. Consolidating social profiles
    2. Creating a profiling programme
    3. Accessing Social Profiles
    4. Accessing profile interactions
    5. Creating a scoring programme
    6. Using Nuke Suite SDK for Social Login & actions
  1. Segmentation

    1. Creating user segment
    2. Creating segments from custom audience
    3. Using created segments
  1. Connecting Nuke Suite

    1. Connecting Zapier to Nuke Suite
  1. Smart Publishing

    1. Organize your editorial schedule
    2. Get data-driven recommendations for posts