The demand for brands on social media requires a strong platform to manage their presence on social networks !

Optimise your social media management with the new version of NukeSuite Platform

Optimise your social media management with the new version of NukeSuite Platform
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The demand for brands on social media requires a platform to manage their presence on social networks, saving them time, understanding their social ecosystem and, above all, leading them to optimize their content strategy.

NukeSuite is proud to announce the release of the new version of its social media platform for Groups, Brands and Agencies. All the innovations of its social media management solution for companies is proposed as a suite of tools finely answering to the needs of the organizations.

The new version of the NukeSuite platform now proposes:


  • A brand new modern & ergonomic user interface to ease the experience in the management of social assets
  • An intelligent content management and planning tool on all social networks.
  • A tool for industry insights and analysis of the presence of its brand and that of its competitors on social media.
  • An application to schedule and publish on Instagram , but also on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.
  • A Content Factory to facilitate the management and distribution of its content before its distribution on social networks.


Smart Publishing : optimize the management and distribution of its content on social media!


comment gérer les réseaux sociaux entreprise


Smart Publishing is a management tool for creating, collaborating, programming and optimizing content on social networks.

While a number of social media management tools are available, brands are increasingly in demand for a range of complex features, enabling them to go further in managing their Content Marketing than most of the market platforms.

NukeSuite now capitalize on cross canal social data (performance analytics and engagement on content) and brand traffic data (through Google Analytics) for automatically be offered posts according to the posting pace of the brand on social networks.



The time for creating a post is now divided by three and the Community Manager can focus on creativity & the management of the brand’s community on social networks.

In addition, our new module Smart Publishing facilitates the management of scheduling and publishing of the content on every social platform. The tool also allows to define slots and weekly publication to manage the diffusion on all the social media channels .

Brands can access their whole editorial calendar through a panoramic view of their publications scheduled on social platforms.



More comprehensively, managing the creation and distribution of its content across social networks also requires many features that we have consolidated or densified into the new version of the publishing tools into NukeSuite :

  • Publish across several social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube).
  • Schedule content in order to manage the diffusion of your posts on social media.
  • Define daytime and hour of the week to share at the right time for your communityon every of your social assets.
  • Validate online before publishing, to answer to a need of review by team member (your boss) or external partner (your customer, your agency).
  • Work with your team with an overview on social media management ecosystem.
  • Create and share post template among team to optimise content marketing strategy.
  • Manage post draft.
  • All content format available (Photos, Videos, Albums, Gifs).
  • Tag content with customised keywords.
  • Tools to manage visibility throught the platform for countries or local languages.
  • Shorten URL.
  • Smileys & Emojis integrated.
  • Post preview as it will appear on the social platform, with edition of title, image and descrption for link cards.
  • Collaborative drive
  • Deep integration of Getty Images and iStockPhoto.


The Smart Publishing content creation and delivery management tool allows brands to benefit from the conveniences of social media in one single tool for managing large communities on social platforms.

NukeSuite Insights : a unique tool to manage and monitor industry competitors on social media


Our new Insights tool enables brand to optimize their social presence and social media management by understanding the content marketing strategies of their industry and competitors.

Insights was built to help companies realize a true social benchmark of their sector on social networks. The module offers the possibility to segment by major sectoral themes to refine your vision of the content marketing strategies on social media.

A brand can thus measure its performance and compare it versus its main competitors on indicators such as the engagement rate, community growth, volume of interactions on their posts, etc.
Our solution also detects all the publications that generate the best engagement on social networks, to access a real-time monitoring of the good practices on their industry.



To sum up, the Insights tool allow to :

  • Measure & compare your content marketing strategy on social media versus your competitors’.
  • Detect the most performant and emerging content of your sector on social networks.
  • Export a monthly, weekly or daily report with one click.

A mobile app to manage, plan and schedule their posts on Instagram and other social networks


application to schedule posts on instagram


Manage your social media channels from a single application. Plan your posts, tweets videos and photos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and especially Instagram!





We have developed our application to meet the need for flexibility of NukeSuite’s platform users and to accelerate the logic of brands’ collaboration in their management of their social media assets.

An application which answers to the actual need to take on collaborative uses in companies, and the entire process of building content, from creation to diffusion, working as a team.

Greater flexibility, as the practices of social networking professionals evolve. A scheduled post to be published must be able to be modified, wherever the user is located, and this is what our solution now allows through the application.

We know professionals may have some concerns about how to plan posts on Instagram, the social network has a number of restrictions.

We now propose to create and schedule your Instagram publications from the application or your browser, all by integrating workflows with rights management and validation. Develop and plan your posts, and you’ll be alerted at the right time to publish in one click from the application with all the elements of your pre-loaded publication.

Content Factory: how to centralize and manage all your Social Marketing content


content factory to optimise social media management


Organisations face the multiplication of project management tools and the complexity of workflows, especially when there are large numbers of employees.
We wanted to simplify the management of Social Media project for companies by creating a real hub for their Content Marketing.

The Content Factory presents as a storage where users can create and share folders, drag and drop content in any format (photos, videos, gifs, PSD, PDF , sls, doc, but also application templates …).
This functional drive is the management center for the content marketing strategy, enabling the content to be disseminated and reused. In the case of a group or a brand working on several accounts, several countries, and / or with many users, the management of the distribution of content internally is decisive for a global social media strategy.


The Content Factory is composed of 4 sub divisions :

  • Your brand content.
  • Your external content where user will soon be able to access external photo and video libraries as iStockPhoto or Getty Images.
  • Your User-Generated Content around your brand.
  • Your application content created and customisez like contests.


The Content Factory is accessible from Smart Publishing, and all content can directly be added in the creation of posts for your social channels.

if you want to know how NukeSuite car help your brand to growth on social media, feel free to reach out for a free trial !

About the author

Alexandre Oudart

Co-founder & CMO at Nuke Suite ( with more than 10 years experience in web services marketing.

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