20 Social Media Influencers You Should Be Following on Twitter

When it comes to choosing who to follow on Twitter — out of the 288 million active users —, it helps to cut the wheat from the chaff. As a Community / Social Media / Marketing Manager, your job is based on knowing the best hacks, latest tech news and time-saving social tools. Here are 20 social media influencers we get daily updates from, and who you should be following too…


Guy Kawasaki Twitter social media

1. Guy Kawasaki1.45 million followers – @GuyKawasaki

One of the original marketers for the first Apple Macintosh in 1984, Guy Kawasaki is hailed as something of a Twitter God. Famed with popularising the term ‘technical evangelist’. Tweeting an astronomical range of content, from life hacks and scientific trivia, he interacts with the Twittersphere on an hour to hour basis.


Mari Smith Twitter social media

2. Mari Smith353k followers – @MariSmith

Hailed as one of social media’s top thought leaders, Mari’s marketing training programmes and webinars have become popular worldwide. Championing Facebook marketing in particular, her Tweets include practical steps for customer service, and the best social media tools. You’ll also find snaps of her hanging with other social media magnets at conferences.


Robert Scoble Twitter social media

3. Robert Scoble445k followers – @Scobleizer

A former Microsoft evangelist and ex-Fast Company video blogger, Robert Scoble now works for Rackspace as their Startup Liason Officer. Born and bred in Silicon Valley, Robert has technology in his blood; blogging on all things digital, he’s something celebrity in Twittersphere. A must-follow for startups and tech-addicts.


Ann Trann Twitter social media

4. Ann Tran – 453k followers – @AnnTran_

Sitting in the Top 10 of Forbes’ Social Media Influencers, Ann Tran is a luxury travel influencer and social media strategist. Regularly contributing for The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur, you’ll find her global travels, inspirational quotes and how to build your blog presence via social networks. Even if you’re not a travel addict, her practice is the perfect exemple of how to entertain the masses on social.


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Brian Clark Twitter social media

5. Brian Clark175k followers – @brianclark

The founder of copyblogger, Brian Clark is a content marketing expert. Recognised as one of the most influential social media blogs in the world, Brian brings his expertise, social wisdom and entertaining personality to his Twitter feed. We recommend you check out his work on RainmakerFM: Digital Marketing and Sales podcasts, insightful, free, and can be listened to on the go.


Glen Gilmore Twitter social media

6. Glen Gilmore307k followers – @GlenGilmore

Named one of Forbes’ Top 20 Social Media Influencers, Glen Gilmore is a digital marketing and social media strategist. He’s written several books (Social Media Law for Business, Strategic Digital Marketing) on social media and practically defines the term ‘guru’ on Twitter. To boot, named a “man of action” by TIME magazine. If he’s good enough for them…


Brian Solis Twitter social media

7. Brian Solis241k followers – @briansolis

A digital marketing analyst, speaker and author, Brian Solis has penned many books on social media marketing. He Tweets opinions on the state of social media marketing and the latest news from the industry’s top conferences. We are big personal fans of his Conversion Prism. A complete (and very attractive) map of the social media landscape.


Jay Baer Twitter social media

8. Jay Baer154k followers – @jaybaer

Jay Baer is President of Convince & Convert, a digital media company advising the world’s largest brands including Nike, Walmart and Europa Sports. He integrates his regular YouTube channel #JayToday, hosts regular webinars and gives insightful advice on how to rejuvenate your business with social media.


Kim Garst Twitter Social Media

9. Kim Garst345k followers – @kimgarst

An advocate for the power of social selling to grow your business, Kim Garst’s Twitter posts are infused with her upbeat attitude and original suggestions for the modern day brand. Check her out for stellar advice on using social tools, Facebook post ideas for small business and how to use Pinterest to efficiently sell online.


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Ted Rubin Twitter social media

10. Ted Rubin275k followers – @TedRubin

A leading social marketing strategist and an evangelist for the term ROR – Return on Relationship (#RonR).
Identifying the key to brand success as good customer relationships, he says: “Your Brand/Business is what you do; your Reputation is what people Remember”.
And how right he is…


Jeff Bullas Twitter social media

11. Jeff Bullas307k followers – @jeffbullas

Ausrtalian super blogger Jeff Bullas has a list of acheviements and accolades longer than your arm, and his objective and practical advice on boosting your presence on social make him one of Twitter’s top dogs. Go to him for how to improve your images on content marketing, to the very latest social media statistics. The man has it all.


Neal Schaffer Twitter social media

12. Neal Schaffer106k followers – @NealSchaffer

A consultant and coach, Neal Schaffer specialises in the best ways to grow your business with social media with a focus on LinkedIn. His skills have seen him work for a range of businesses; from Fortune 500 enterprises and a Grammy Award-winning celebrity. Neal speaks worldwide about enhancing your social media practice. Catch him if you can.


Deborah Lee Twitter social media

13. Deborah Lee168k followers – @debsylee

Cultivating nearly 170,000 followers with no large budget or company behind her proves that London-based Deborah Lee can walk the walk on Twitter. Working as a Twitter coach, social media strategist and contributor for The Huffington Post; her wisdoms on social media marketing strategy, and inspiring lessons for life in general, keep our feet on the ground in the whirl of social.


Mike Stelzner Twitter social media

14. Michael A. Stelzner97k followers – @Mike_Stelzner

Considered one of the best social media blogs out there, Social Media Examiner founder Mike A. Stelzner is a hub of tips and tricks to grow your social presence. He covers a range of networks and advice on everything from improving email marketing to the best tools to enhance your mobile strategy.


Bryan Kramer Twitter social media

15. Bryan Kramer117k followers – @bryankramer

The CEO of PureMatter, a digital agency based in Silicon Valley, Bryan Kramer is a TED speaker who preaches the power of sharing. Named a Top 25 Influencer to Follow by Forbes, and author of the bestselling book Human to Human: #H2H, Bryan Tweets inspiration, the merits of using mobile for social media marketing and his addictive podcasts.


Gary Vaynerchuk Twitter social media

16. Gary Vaynerchuk1.3 million followers – @garyvee

Starting out in the wine industry before moving into social media, Gary Vaynerchuk still has a passion for the grape, but his social media prowess see him as one of Twitter’s biggest social media influencers. Hosting the #AskGaryVee show, his regular YouTube channel is one to subscribe to. And at over 1.3 million followers, do we really need to convince you?


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Ann Handley Twitter social media

17. Ann Handley285k followers – @MarketingProfs

Head of Content at MarketingProfs.com—Real-World Education for Modern Marketers—, and author of the bestselling book, Everybody Writes, Ann Handley knows a thing or two about creating shareable content. Her Tweets include scientific strategy, content curation tools and how to improve your leads exponentially with a solid blog narrative.


Sean Gardner Twitter social media

18. Sean Gardner793k followers – @2morrowknight

A marketing and social media consultant, Sean Gardner has worked for all the big players including Microsoft, Marriott Hotels, Silicon Valley Bank and Apple. Tweeting on digital developments worldwide, his advice ranges from tips for entrepreneurs to the best cities for public wifi, Sean’s content is varied, informative and entertaining.


Steve Farnsworth Twitter social media

19. Steve Farnsworth118k followers – @Steveology

CMO of the Steveology Group, Steve Farnsworth has over 14 years of experience in content marketing and demand generation for high tech B2B organisations. An established conference speaker (Google, Intel, Adobe, TEDx etc) Steve should be your first port of call for all things related to content marketing.


Dan Zarrella Twitter social media

20. Dan Zarrella 74k followers – @danzarrella

HubSpot’s social media scientist may have recently moved onto other pastures, but Dan Zarella still makes light of digital maths that confuse us. A trusted authority on social marketing, we repeatedly refer to his expertise when it comes to social stats. His Tweets include self-made analytics tools, latest data rollouts and a fair bit of weight training.

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