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70.12.6 / 29 November 2017

newYou can now initiate a conversation in private message from a comment in the Inbox.

improvementIt is now possible to publish up to 280 characters in a Twitter post.

improvementSearch bars have been improved across the interface.

70.7.4 / 2 June 2017

New In order to improve your experience on NukeSuite, you can now be alerted by email whenever a team member comments on a post you created or commented.

Improved The mention of an account is better displayed while editing a scheduled post.

Improved The ability to share for review a post has been enlarge to all your team members.

70.7.2 / 24 May 2017

newThe publishing tool to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube has been completely redesigned. A lot of new features to improve your presence on social networks has been added.

improvementWe have improved the design of the editorial social media calendar & updated the filter to add “Filter by status” and “Filter by Label”.

70.6.14 / 22 May 2017

newYou can now filter by connection and action origin type in the “Interaction” tab of the Profile page.

newFrom the “Score” tab, a drop-down menu is now available, allowing you to select a date range to display the score detail table.

newYou can now find all types of content in the “Recommendation” tab: link, video, photo, video sharing, status.

fixedIn the “Recommendation” tab, when a post has already been published, it will no longer be proposed.

70.6.12 / 11 May 2017

FixedWhen I edit a post in the “Recommendation” tab the changes were not taken into account. This has now been corrected.

70.6.9 / 4 May 2017

improvement In the “Posts” part, it is possible to know the user who deletes a publication sent for validation. As a result, an email is sent directly to the user who created the post to prevent it from being deleted by mentioning the name of the user who performed the action.

70.6.8 / 3 May 2017

FIXEDAn error appeared in the “Inbox” tab, that has been fixed.

70.6.7 / 27 April 2017

IMPROVEMENTWe improved the management of notifications and emails to better handle posts posts.

FixedFrom the “Engage” page we have corrected the display of dates in the “Recommendation” section.

70.6.5 / 18 April 2017

NEWIn order to improve the visibility of your actions in the NukeSuite platform, a confirmation email will be sent to you. For example, when I restart an export, I will receive an email confirming my data export.

IMPROVEMENTWe improved the design of the NukeSuite platform in the “Smart Publishing” section.

FIXEDIn the “Enrich” section it was not possible to create a notification campaign. This has been corrected.

70.6.1 / 10 April 2017

NEWFrom the “Profiles” tab in the Convert tab, you can search for a user by email.

FIXEDIn the “Inbox” section, private messages are not updated. This has been corrected.

70.5.2 / 31 March 2017

FIXEDIn the “Content Factory” section it was not possible to create an application. This has been corrected.

70.4.6 / 23 March 2017

ImprovementWe improved the ergonomics of the NukeSuite platform in the “Hierarchy” section. For example, when you change user profiles, the transition is easier.

70.4.5 / 21 March 2017

NewIn order to improve the visibility of your actions in the NukeSuite platform, a toaster will notify you of the status of your publication. For example, when I publish a post, a toaster would appear informing me that my post was published correctly.

ImprovementWe improved the display of the list of pages when we add a new account in the user profile.

70.3.1 / 2 March 2017

NEWIn order to improve the visibility of your actions in the NukeSuite platform, a confirmation email will be sent to you. For example, when I restart an export, I will receive an email confirming my data export.

IMPROVEMENTWe have improved the ergonomics of the NukeSuite platform in the “Engage” section. For example, when you duplicate or edit a publication, the correct account is displayed in the menu, not the account selected by default.

FIXEDIn the “Enrich” section it was not possible to create a notification campaign. This has now been corrected.

70.2.1 / 6 February 2017

NEWTo improve your navigation from the NukeSuite platform, you can now access the Dashboard and the Inbox from Safari.

NEWThe display in the Dashboard is now much improved, so you can find the number of qualified users visible from the “Profils” tab of Convert.

NEWAs a NukeSuite user, you can now export the data of your posts to the “Analyse” part.

IMPROVEMENTIn the “Engage” part, images of the publications are now displayed in the calendar. For example, when an item is sent, Calendar with its image to get a better preview.

IMPROVEMENTWe have updated the pagination of the publication section in the “Engage” section, which now displays posts chronologically.

70.2.0 / 26 January 2017

NewWe are working to improve your abitlity to analyse your social media activities. Thus, we improved the statistics of posts. A new, faster interface gives you easy access to all content data posted on your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram channels. The data of reach and interactions like Likes, comments, shares, clicks, views of videos, as well as negative feedbacks are available for your analysis.


ImprovementWe have improved the search engine in the Inbox section. You can easily search for text in a comment or by username.

70.1.0 / 12 January 2017

NewIn order to improve the management of your social marketing activities with the NukeSuite platform, you can find a new easy-to-use dashboard that gathers a set of indicators over the last passed 30 days like the number of fans and followers with a view per channel, the engagement rate per account, the number of comments received and answered, the content with the best interactions, etc.


NewYou can now edit a publishing template in the Engage module, with direct access to publishing features.

NewYou can now save and load groups of pages in Publishing tools. For example, when I select one or more pages in Engage, I am able to save them as a group to facilitate loading on my next login.

fixedWe have improved the display of posts on the calendar in the NukeSuite platform. For example, when I select multiple accounts in Engage the entire posts appear on the calendar.

fixedIn the Analytics section, the number of people engaged was for some cases different from the data presented in the chart. This has now been corrected.

70.0.6 / 4 January 2017

NEW In order to improve the possibilities for publishing from NukeSuite platform, we have added the ability to queue on Facebook any photo album in the publishing page.

NEW You can now see a footer at the bottom of the NukeSuite platform’s Playlist app.

NEW You can now save and load groups of pages in Engage. For instance, when I select one or more pages in Engage, I am able to save them as a group to facilitate loading on my next login.

FIXEDWe have improved the display of messages on the calendar in the NukeSuite platform. For instance, when I select several accounts in Engage appear on the calendar.

FIXED In the analysis section, the number of engaged people was different from the one presented in the chart below. It has been corrected.

70.0 / 12 December 2016

NEWYou can now find in the list of publications, the video content, the possibility to draw the order of the columns and the display of the thumbnail.

NEWAs a Nukesuite user you can now see thumbnails of videos displayed in Calendar, Publications and Templates. These video thumbnails are displayed on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

NEWFind a new application Advent Calendar “Instant Winner” for Christmas. We customize for you a Christmas calendar which will allow you to have a new homepage every day.

68.0 / 28 October 2016

NEWIn the Analyses section you can measure the performance of published posts. For example, when you publish a post you will find the number of people affected, the number of interactions and the commitment rate. Clicks and video views have also been added.

NEWTwitter no longer counts the media as a text so that it no longer limits the number of characters in its Tweets. Today the NukeSuite platform adjusts its behavior according to your needs and follows the behavior of Twitter, you have no longer to worry about the number of characters when you publish a Tweet via the NukeSuite platform.

67.0 / 20 October 2016

NEWIn order to improve the required visibility of the NukeSuite platform, the changes took place and terms the design. For example, on Icones for all tables, for the open button and for all applications etc.

NEWYou can now add a permanent preview of your posts in the “Calendar” and “Publish”. All NukeSuite users will be able to see the preview of their ads in the “Calendar” and “Publish”.

NEWYou can now see the number of publications in the calendar. For example, when I click on a date, I can see all the publications added and executed to date.

IMPROVEDWe have improved the display of the URL of an application on the NukeSuite platform. For example, when you create an application, the URL is directly displayed, which allows you to improve your visibility on your Facebook page once the content is published.

FIXEDIn the “Survey” application it was not possible to add an item. This has been corrected.

FIXEDIn the NukeSuite platform, the image of the Facebook profile in the menu was no longer working. This has been corrected.

66.0 / 8 October 2016

NEWA new command is available to search for a user or keyword in a current comment, post, or selection on the newsfeed.

NEWFor new users of NukeSuite, you will find a message in the notification center that tells you whether or not you have notifications, even if it is empty. For example “You now have no notification”.

IMPROVEDWe have made improvements to the content of the platform. For example, in the video contest application, the field display has been improved.

We have improved the performance of downloads in the Drive, Publish and Calendar. For example, the loading time has greatly decreased and the image quality remains intact.

IMPROVEDWe have updated the colors for the Instagram network on the icon for accounts, page, tab “add new accounts” etc.

IMPROVEDIt is now possible to create an application by simply clicking on the image when selecting the application model in “Enrich”.

IMPROVEDToday, access to the sections “Profiles, Account, Teams, Connections” have been united under a single link.

64.0 / 23 September 2016

FIXEDAn error occurred in the Web Contest application, it was impossible to play video on mobile. It is now corrected.

63.0 / 22 September 2016

NEWWe have added a tab that allows you to see the interests and likes of your users in “Convert”.

IMROVEDIt is possible to use a video of Drive to publish or program it on Twitter and several social networks at the same time. For example, when you select a Twitter account and select a video, you can add a Facebook and YouTube account.

IMPROVEDWe updated the section of the NukeSuite user profile including; Accounts, Teams and Connection.

FIXEDAn error was displayed in some cases when publishing templates on social networks. This has been corrected.

62.0 / 11 August 2016

New Custom Profiler, a new application is now available for everyone. This applications allows to present to the user a personality test which question are proposed according to their answers. The user can then be proposed questions which will be different according to answer he provides to first question. The result is displayed as a personal profile, which can be shared with friend.

61.0 / 27 July 2016

New NukeSuite is now connected to Zapier. The great marketing automation service can now be plugged to our platform, using your personal account in order to push data collected in forms. These data can now be used with Google Spreadsheet, all CRM tools, all email carriers (Mailchimp, Gmail, Mailjet), etc. More info available on our online support.

Improved The selection of the thumbnail while publishing on YouTube has been visually improved.

Improved In order to improved the calendar overview, the display of date and hour in the calendar preview has been improved.

Improved When you select a video from the Drive from publish page, you can now only select a video file. This shall make your publication process even more easier.

FixedThe URL used to access Facebook applications on iOS mobiles was not working anymore due to an issue declared on Facebook side. This is now fixed.

60.0 / 25 July 2016

New In order to ease your publishing work, Instagram has been added to our calendar. It is now possible to programme your Instagram publication using Nuke Suite. Publications appears in your calendar, helping your to get an overview of all content on your social properties.


Improved The Drive section allowing to share any types of content have been improved. You can now browse content using list or thumbnail view. You can also search among all your content.


Improved In order to provide the best experience the calendar has been visually improved. You can now have an overview look of the publications which are scheduled, under review or published.

Improved To ensure Nuke Suite high availability and security, we have upgraded a large part of our server infrastructure adding especially load balancing between several servers.

Fixed An error was in some case displayed while trying to upload an image during the URL shortening. This have been completely fixed.

59.0 / 13 June 2016

New In order to improve Nuke Suite publishing tools, we added the ability to preview in live the post you create before you make it live. More info on our support here


New We have improved the call-to-action button on publish page for the Review process. When you select a team member to send the content for validation before publishing it, the button is notified as “Send for review”

Improved The export for Twitter content under Answer module has been improved. Mentions, replies and retweets are now embedded in the downloaded file.

Improved The access to Facebook mobile applications was limited when using the URL Facebook provides. We have improved the access providing a new kind of smart URL, detecting when user comes from desktop or mobile. This URL is provided for all kind of application in Enrich

58.0 / 10 May 2016

Improved Nuke Suite Term’s and Conditions have been upgraded. The complete version is available in the section “My profile”.

57.0 / 9 May 2016

Improved More and more users are joining Nuke Suite, thanks a lot ! Nuke Suite database infrastructure (using ElasticSearch) has been upgraded to increase capacities.

56.0 / 28 April 2016

Improved The text edition for publishing was not optimised because of the characters counter. We radically improved that, in order to make your experience better.

Improved Mobile URL for Facebook applications is now working with Canvas page. The Open Graph data have been added to this page, in order to make the sharing of this page perfect.

Improved The design for the page presenting all apps have been largely improved. New template, new organisation and new search engine should improve your browsing experience among all your applications.

54.0 / 8 April 2016

Improved We have been improving the application Instant Wins with a brand new feature of voucher. You can now set up a contest for your clients only and ask them to declare a voucher got in store to be able to play the Instant Wins contest, for example.

53.0 / 7 April 2016

Improved In the publishing edition text box, it was possible to move the cursor into the mention. Writing and editing a mention have been improved.

Improved The special characters you added in the link title or description in a Facebook post was not managed by the system. This have been improved and you can now add every text required.

Improved While you were uploading a video to be published on YouTube or Facebook, no progress information was displayed in the thumbnail section. This information is now available.

fixed An error was displayed when trying to comment on Instagram posts from the newsfeed view. This has been fixed

52.0 / 5 April 2016

New We introduced the possibility to export all the content you can manage in the newsfeed. Comments, replies, retweets, mentions can all be downloaded in a single excel file.

New We added a brand new section into Nuke Suite navigation menu : exports. You can now get your complete export history and create a new export from this section, selecting the desired period.


New The Social Wall management interface is now available to all. All Nuke Suite users can now create and implement a Social Wall on their website in a few clicks. Among several features, you can customise the user interface of your Social Wall (see more info on FAQ). You can also control the content that goes live with our moderation tool.

Improved We have improved the display of the link included in a publication. This caption is available from several sections of Nuke Suite like the calendar or the newsfeed.


Improved The web links without http:// can now be clicked from the publication list in Engage

Improved We brought some improvements in the platform design. For example the design for all pop-ins have been graphically improved.

fixed An error sometimes happened when you click on like from our own Instagram publication from the Newsfeed, in the section Answer. This is now fixed.

fixed An error sometimes happened when responding to an Instagram comment from the Newsfeed. This is now fixed.

51.0 / 1 March 2016

New The newsfeed has been entirely redesigned. Columns headers, link to see detailed view and all possible actions are now more easy to access.


New You can now label content from the newsfeed view. Just type a word and validate to add a new label. An autocompletion option is available, displaying all already used tags. Actions and already created labels are shared with your team members.

New Content from the newsfeed can now be qualified with sentiment analysis. You can manually define the sentiment for each piece of content. Actions are shared with your team members.

fixed Pasting pieces of text or certains emoji now give the correct text format from the Publish page.

50.0 / 4 February 2016

New You can now mention a Facebook page while creating your publication.


New You are now able to personalise your profile image on Nuke Suite. Select a profile image of your connected channels from the menu “My Profile”. Your picture is now visible in the platform notifications received by your team members.

New A new application has been released : the Video Quiz. Propose to your fans a social experience on desktop and mobile including one or several questions, adding a YouTube video for each. This allows to present a clue within the video or to easily increase the number of view.

Improved We have updated the tag functionnality from publishing page in Engage. You now are able to create and use (with autocompletion) your own labels. Those tags can be personalised by each Nuke Suite user and ae shared among all members of your team.


Improved Publications can be sorted by labels from the page “Publications” which lists all your posts.

Improved We regularly improve the Nuke Suite experience to have it more enjoyable. Boxes on all page now get a new header with ability to reduce them. Tables include the number of data presented – on Applications and Profiles page for example

49.0 / 12 January 2016

new You can now edit all data of a link preview before publishing it on Facebook. Image, title & description can then be personalised.


New An action button from all pages of the platform gives you access to a comprehensive help for each feature of the platform.

improved We now indicate the ability to use emojis to publish on social networks from publish page.

fixed According to Facebook’s update, the ability to display participant’s friends on application is not possible anymore. We disabled the feature in the platform.

48.0 / 29 December 2015

new Profiles list can now be filtered by profile origin, gender or age from the Convert section.


fixed Design modifications have be done on Personality Test, Instagram Contest, Instant Wins, Poll, Photo Match, Quiz and Sweepstakes application.

fixed We constantly try to improve your experience on the platform and make it more enjoyable. You will see several improvements brought to Nuke Suite’s back-office in the application section (color picker style, buttons, navigation)

47.0 / 17 December 2015

improved You can now update legacy file for any application after creation

improved Several improvements have been done on application design (on form and result page).

fixed The profile page had design issue when accessing several times the same profiles. It’s now fixed.

fixed Export for applications embedded in a portal now include the complete correct list of users.

46.0 / 14 December 2015

improved You can now edit the name for timeline shortcut of any Facebook applications

improved We improved the Facebook queue option while creating a publication. You can now add an already created post to the queue.

improved In Answer’s newsfeed, the Facebook likes are now with a new colored icon

improved Several improvements on design has been brought to Quiz, Photo Match, Video Contest and Photo Contest applications

fixed The creation of a Facebook app in Nuke Suite now populate contact email in Facebook developers

fixed The color picker tool has been improved in all application setup

45.0 / 11 December 2015

improved We improved the sharing options for mobile version of photo Contest.

improved Design for all file upload fields have been upgraded.

fixed We improved the design of Nuke Suite back office for answers image upload in Poll app.

44.0 / 8 December 2015

new Chart presenting user base by interaction has been improved with a legend.


new User profile list has been improved with a nice pagination.

fixed Due to a recent update, comment on an Instagram media was disabled. It is now possible to comment and reply to Instagram posts.

fixed The validation button position in all apps form has been improved.

fixed The position of the progress bar in the Photo Match application has been improved.

43.0 / 1 December 2015

new A new section in Convert shows the main key indicators to follow up your active community over website and Facebook : community size, profiles origin, actions distribution, best & average scoring, most active users

new Profile list in convert can now be searched using simple text request or tailored search terms


fixed Page profile picture path has been changed by Facebook and updated on our platform

42.0 / 24 November 2015

improved Design of the applications page list has been improved.

improved The new form previously tested on Poll application has been applied to every other applications.

improved Size of the columns of the newsfeed has been improved

improved We enabled Facebook realtime to get statistics informations faster from the social network.

improved Portuguese language was added to the Custom Image application.

improved Favorite icon on twitter was replaced by the like icon.


fixed Number of likes on Instagram posts are checked more often.

fixed Visual problems on the list of public in account in Competitors has been fixed.

fixed Alignment of the form in Instagram Contest has been improved.

41.0 / 5 November 2015

improved We constantly try to improve your experience on the platform and make it clearer and more enjoyable. You will see across the entire platform some improvements on wordings, colours, icons, alignments, etc, to make your life easier and your applications closer to your professional brand image.

fixed Due to a recent update, notifications were not clickable in the Gmail webmail. You can now click on links directly in the webmail.

fixed In every forms, alignment of the error messages has been improved.

fixed In the web version of the Photo Contest, turning arrows have been deleted from the result page.

fixed Broken thumbnail in Youtube publication details has been fixed.

fixed French wording of the notifications has been corrected.

fixed In the Poll application, position of the “validate” button has been fixed.

39.0 / 19 October 2015

new We rebuilt most of our Convert section. Read our blog for the full details.

improved In the Custom image application, your overlay texts or images can now appear according to the day of the week as well as the initial period configured.

improved In the Poll application, the “share the vote” button used to be mandatory. You can now choose to display it or not.

improved In the insights of your applications, participants and users are distinct figures: users are all the people who accepted the app’s permissions, participants are those who filled the form and went all the way through the flow.

fixed Secured links shortened in a publication have been fixed. They now appear in simple http and lead to the original https url.

38.3 / 13 October 2015

new New Application ! Create a poll and invite your fans to vote. The Poll application allows you to propose to your fans several items, let them vote for their favourite and display the results live.

new The Custom Image app is now available in Spanish.

improved We constantly try to improve your experience on the platform and make it clearer and more enjoyable. You will see across the entire platform some improvements on wordings, colours, icons, alignments, etc, to make your life easier and your applications closer to your professional brand image.

improved In the recent Custom Image app, we added a polite feedback text after users share their creation on Twitter.

improved We changed the mobile themes for something more modern on all our Facebook applications.

fixed We changed the definition of the participation dates in Custom Image applications so that counts are now more precise in the app extracts.

fixed In the Memory application, users who didn’t make it within the given time would see the winning text, they are now shown their true result.

fixed Due to changes in the Google APIs, adding a Google account was temporarily unavailable. You can now add your Google Plus and YouTube accounts again.

fixed You can now add as many notes on publications as you want, we removed the limit.

fixed Some problems of accessibility of the content repository have been fixed.

38.0 / 25 August 2015

improved In Custom Image applications, users can share their creation on Twitter. You can now specify a default text to go with it.

improved Replying to a Tweet in the newsfeed will now display a character count, so that you know when to stop to stay within Twitter’s limitations.

fixed The number of available accounts that you can see in the My account page was wrong.

fixed Limitations on Twitter publications were too tight when the text contained special characters. We aligned them to the actual limitations set by the network.

37.0 / 27 July 2015

improved When you recieve a picture with a Facebook private message or Twitter direct message, it is now displayed in the newsfeed. Learn more about the newsfeed.

improved Your task list in now ordered anti-chronologically, so as to display the most recent tasks first. Learn more about tasks assignment.

improved We radically improved the quality and resolution of the images showing up in your newsfeed.

improved When you add a link to your publications, we are now able to find it even without its leading protocol (http or https). Learn more about publications.

improved Links have become clickable in the contents of the publications you review. You can check the validity of shortened url by clicking them. Learn more about reviewing publications.

improved The Twitter reply icon in the Newsfeed used to be a generic share icon. We changed it to the official reply icon to improve your experience in the newsfeed.

improved Application titles were not displayed fully on the narrowest screens, users can now enjoy the full length of your app names.

improved Facebook comments count on post insights have improved in precision. Learn more about the Facebook post insights.

fixed Links to Facebook profiles tended to lead to an error page.

36.0 / 16 July 2015

new A new application will soon be available to you. Invite your fans to personalise their own pictures with text and filter including your brand image, and get them to share it. Custom image is an application in which fans can customize a photo coming from their PC, their Facebook albums, their Instagram album or from your brand. They can apply a text from the brand, a filter and share this personalised image over the networks.

35.0 / 1 July 2015

new We are glad to announce the launch of a new social application. Group Buying is an ecommerce application allowing fans to get a promotion on the product. By voting on the product, the user increases the level of the final promotion the community can benefit. Present one or several products over a limited period, fans can vote & share and can then get the promotion to buy it.

new Our whole licence system was changed to adapt to your everyday needs.

improved When assigning a task to a member of your team, you are now part of the list and can assign it to yourself. See more about assigning tasks.

fixed Clicking a Facebook user’s name in the newsfeed now correctly shows you their profile on the network.

33.0 / 11 June 2015

new When assigning a task to a member of your team, you can now leave notes to explain the task. See more about assigning tasks to your team members.feature1036

fixed We found traces of broken design here and there and smoothed it out.

32.0 / 1 June 2015

new Enjoy the new version of our Newsfeed: follow simultaneously as many channels and filters as you wish, each displayed in a customisable column. Learn about the Newsfeed.feature379 

new We added the possibility to publish several pictures in a post for Twitter and Facebook. Read more about publishing photos.feature663

new You can now load your publication templates directly from the publication page. See more about publication templates.

new A new button appears alongside each of your publications, enabling you to duplicate its content and channels and work from there to create a similar publication.

improved In the content repository, we added a button to select all your team members and share your content with them in one single click. Read more about the content repository.

improved YouTube has released the third version of its APIs and deprecated the second. We followed them into the future.

fixed Some video publications on Facebook would sprout a ghost miniature. It no longer bothers the neighbourhood.

fixed The Instagram Contest application sometimes had problems authenticating users. We made the process smoother.

fixed Removing an image from any application configuration would lead to glitches, now fixed. Read more about applications.

fixed In the configuration of applications, the font size and type were not saved if you left them to the default value.

31.0 / 28 April 2015

new The biggest update of this version is the possibility to add videos to your Facebook pages using the existing publication process. Learn more about videos publication.Facebook videos

improved In a constant effort to improve your experience and help your team’s efficiency, we continually work on making our platform faster and more responsive.

fixed Nuke Suite’s access to Google+ pages and YouTube channels is refreshed more often for easier publishing. Learn more about how to add channels to your account.

fixed Due to changes in Twitter’s policies, it is no longer possible to access real-time mentions of a public account. Therefore, the functionality had been removed from Nuke Suite.

fixed Glitches in the Segmentation page have been fixed. Read more about segmentation.

30.0 / 9 April 2015

new We reintroduced the possibility to create templates for your publications, now matching our new and clearer publication process. A publication template is a post featuring text, links, image, or video. It’s created to be shared and reused amongst other Nuke Suite users. Learn more about how to use templates in the Support section.

new Nuke suite’s access to your social network channels can sometimes be revoked, when you change your password for example. In that case, you’ll now see a red alert asking you to connect the channel again. See how to add channels to Nuke Suite.

new We added support for UTF-8 characters with 4 bytes in publications. That means you can now add a variety of alphabets and emoticons to your publications. Learn more on the possible contents of your publications.

new You can now save any chart you create in the analytics pages as a png file. Simply click the Save button you can see in the top right-hand corner of the charts. Learn more about where to find statistics for your social channels and applications.

improved We improved the metrics on Twitter and Instagram accounts so that your analytics can be more precise. Learn more about how to see the statistics of your social channels.

improved When a publication is refused by one of the social networks where it should be published, you’ll see a note appear in the notification center.

improved We’ve accelerate time it takes to create video thumbnails. What could take a few minutes on large videos is now completed in a matter of seconds. See how to publish videos on YouTube.

fixed When you create a publication, some limits are imposed by the networks on which you choose to publish. If you try to publish too many characters on Twitter, use a picture or video that is too big, we’ll tell you before you save the publication. See more about the limitations and how to publish pictures and videos.

fixed Our Social Wall application uses a cache for better performance. Its invalidation period made some content invisible. See more about our applications.

fixed Exporting channel analytics to an Excel file shows the data of each channel on a separate tab. We fixed tab name conflicts for similar channels. Learn more about customised publication statistics.

fixed The navigation bar in Internet Explorer 9 now conforms to all the other browers.