“I give all the keys to our points of sale to improve their reach locally” Mahamadou Cissé – Community Manager, O’Tacos

The O’Tacos french franchise is a food brand recurrently present in our “Top 50 Brand Publications of the Month” or Top 10 Brand Post posts published weekly on Webmarketing & Com.

Mahamadou Cissé, the Community Manager of O’Tacos kindly agreed to answer our questions to describe the winning strategy of the brand on social networks.


First, can you describe what is your role at O’Tacos?

I am a full-time community manager, in charge of the management of social networks :  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat… .

I also take care of the overall strategy of the brand on social media with the founder Patrick Pelonero. He really started the brand presence on social media, now we work in pairs.

I also give half-day training to all franchisees on the strategy to adopt on social networks. I explain how to manage their page at the local level to promote it on 3 main axis: loyalty, notoriety and revenues increase.

I give the restaurants the keys to know how to organise contests, to create interactions and to improve their reach to earn visibility at the local level.

In terms of presence on social networks, what is the size of the community ?

All social networks combined, we reach the 3 million followers overall.

You appear more and more in our monthly ranking of the 50 most engaging posts on Facebook, what’s your secret?

The post about food are those that work the best. The idea is to take photos with a smartphone, which gives the community the impression that everyone could make the photo. This kind of images allows to optimise the number of interactions.

There are also fans abroad who like France, so all content about tourism, travel engage also very well.

8️⃣éme merveille du monde ‼️ 😍🤤

Une publication partagée par O’TACOS (@otacos) le

Influencers have made the brand known on YouTube, how did you develop this strategy?

The strategy of the influencers, at first, lied on having them as guest in order to create buzz around every restaurant opening parties.

Now we are more focused on the product but always working with influencers who are picked up according to their affinity with the target.

Projects are currently being prepared with influencers but it is still too early to unveil them.

What is your main goal on social media today? What are the statistical indicators studied?

We are mainly looking at the performance of the number of subscribers and in particular try to understand why we are losing subscribers.

Then, we also look at all interactions on each post and conversion rate.

If you had to choose a single social network for O’Tacos, which would it be?

I would dismiss Twitter because all the others work very well.

And if I had to keep one, I would focus on Instagram because it gives us a real advantage, with engagement rates and followers connectivity that are very important today.

Even our live videos are made on Instagram, in addition to Facebook.

For our brand, audiences are more relevant on Instagram, it is one of the strongest networks currently.


What are the qualities required for managing social media at O’Tacos?

It takes a lot of listening and interest for fans, know how to be pertinent on benchmarking and measurement. Above all, we have to remain simple and humble.

Whether on publications or in relation to customer feedback, we must keep some humility, which is a great strength of the founders.

I trained [our] franchisees by telling them that the content is king and that the conversation is queen

This is also what makes our fans recognising themselves like being at home and appreciate our locations. We remain true to our values.

How do you handle complaints, feedback and negative comments on social media?

For negative comments, we have the O’Tacos chatbot on Facebook with an automated messaging service which is plugged to the “Customer Reviews” service, managing globally all the requests.

The cases of extreme emergency, I manage them myself. Otherwise, we refer to each restaurant manager for better answering to complaints and requests.

I trained these franchisees by telling them that the content is king and that the conversation is queen and we must deal very quickly with customer reviews.

I also share by email on every Monday morning all customer reviews to be followed up.

You have more than 170 local pages on Facebook, what is the local strategy?

The local page is managed by the local managers at 90% because they are responsible for their restaurant and their communication.

We really want to involve them in this process. The national remains an important database.

We also have a Facebook group in common with the franchisees to share with them good advice, communicate and help each other.

I also do personalised support for some Facebook pages, especially for openings. Anyway, we have been setting up a complete process, with training for social media management.

Training at headquarters is open to everyone at all times. Franchisees can come back and ask their questions or expose their problem on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

How many Facebook pages will be coming soon?

We shall follow the pace of opening restaurants, which must remain confidential, we currently are on a good development trend.

As soon as a restaurant is open, a local Facebook page is created for them.

Do you realise media buying on social networks?

We sponsor publications mainly on Facebook and Instagram as all of our competitors.

Which brand inspires you the most on social networks? And why ?

There are many, I really like Oasis Be Fruit on Facebook, because they really have a identified graphical chart and they have managed to create a long-term relationship with consumers by making their fruits human.

I also like Innocent on Twitter which is always sharing using humour and humility.

What kind of tools do you use to manage the different pages?

Some franchisees go through external community managers.

Overall, it is mainly the native Facebook publishing tool that is used by our local teams.

Do you have an anecdote to share to our readers ?

Sometimes we do funny things between brands.

For example, Oasis made a post including, one of their characters who does not know where to eat between an O’Tacos restaurant or another competitor restaurant. We answered “Bring your strawberry home O’Tacos” (French expression including the fruit ED) to make a humorous reference to the communicating gimmicks.

Oasis’ Post :

O’Tacos answer :

Second example, Danette who reacted on one of our visuals “la case de O’Tacos” by integrating it.

This is the kind of content that fans like and it shows that we are being followed and that other brands are interested in us.

Our brand is now certified on Facebook which allows us to work more patiently even if I think that Instagram has a bright future. The actual problem is that the collection of data on Instagram remains approximate for the moment.

Do you personally know people who eat entirely the “Giga Tacos” ? Or did you already finish one by yourself ?

The challenge that we make with influencers is always very difficult for them. Even with an empty stomach, they can never finish it!

A really buzz has been created on YouTube on this challenge and some fans are trying to accomplish it.

Some Facebook local pages publish a lot this kind of contest especially in Saint Brieuc where it gets followers engaged.

But I’ve never seen anyone finish a Giga Tacos, even among my colleagues.

One last message to share ?

I want to thank the entire O’Tacos team for their day-to-day work , it’s mostly thanks to them and the fans that we’re here today and we thank them.

We would like to thank Mahamadou for answering our questions and for the time he has given us.


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