New: Follow the evolution of your competitors and identify good practices every week on social networks!

video-facebook-retail-engagementDecember is coming, NukeSuite news too!

This month, it’s NukeSuite Insights – a social media content analytics tool – that we are celebrating. Discover now our latest update: new design for our benchmark and automated reports directly in your mailboxes every week.

Enjoy it now on NukeSuite Insights.

Compare your positioning to that of your main competitors

Once you have a NukeSuite Insights account you can track and analyze your competitors’ content marketing on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

With our new benchmark, get all the information in your industry in one click to keep track of your position while comparing it to your main competitors. Indeed, whatever the indicator that interests you the most – number of fans, number of publications, interactions or reactions to your posts – we give you all this information about your company but also for all the actors you want to follow closely. All this information can be analyzed over the period of your choice that you can compare to the previous period.

Identify the trends that work to inspire you

NukeSuite Insights lists each of your publications and allows you to quickly identify which content works best. Get the performances according to the format of your publications – images, GIF, links, videos etc. – as well as the list of your best posts according to the most important criteria for you: power, engagement, interactivity or boost. Our tool also offers you the list of the posts of the actors that you follow, you can than be inspired by trends and adapt your publications to the expectations of users.

Get an automatic report every week in your mailbox

Do you operate in an industry that’s growing and you don’t have the time to do regular statistical reporting? You can now set your weekly social network report to keep you informed of the statistics and contents of the monitored accounts!


Receive, every Monday, an email summarizing the evolution of your fans and those of the competitors, as well as TOP 3 of the best publications of the week!


You have not tried NukeSuite Insights yet?  It’s not too late, contact us now to discuss!

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Axelle Caussade

Client Manager at NukeSuite

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