How To Write The Perfect Tweet

How To Write The Perfect Tweet
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Each Tweet you send out is a fresh chance to engage your audience. And crafting the perfect one isn’t a myth!
Here’s our guide on how you can create a must-click Tweet every time…

Why You’re Writing

First off, you need to be clear about the aim of your tweet and who you want it to reach.

Your Message: The purpose of your tweet is crucial. If you’re promoting a sale, be direct — use keywords and include any offer codes & dates. Whatever your message, be faithful to your brand tone.

How To Write The Perfect Tweet by NukeSuite

If you want to generate a conversation with followers, think of creative ways to get their attention from them. Nuke favourites innocent drinks use humour and innovative visuals to generate a positive response on Twitter.

Your Audience: Who you want the Tweet to reach will affect how you write it.

What You’re Writing

Keep Language Clear: Users should be able to understand what you’re saying immediately. If they have to read the Tweet more than once, it’s too complicated.

And Punctuation Correct: Watch your grammar. If you’re unsure, ask another member of the team to check it over.

No ‘Text’ Speak: Avoid putting everything in capitals or abbreviated text speech (e.g: thnx, pls)

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Brand Focus: Delta airline consistantly do well on Twitter for their blend of media, inspirational and useful advice.

From informing flyers about security measures, to sharing heart-warming stories, to posting Delta offers — they really cover all bases. Without looking salesy.


How to Write It

Clear CTAs and use viral language: Tweets containing the words such as “Click, Read or Visit” gain 35% more engagement than others.

How To Write The Perfect Tweet by NukeSuite

Use Charm & Positivity: Let your natural charisma shine on Twitter. People Retweet positive vibes, it’s a fact!

Include other users in your Tweet: Whether its other brands you’ve featured, replying to customers personally, or if you’re using someone else’s content
it pays to direct your tweet to someone. e.g @NukeSuite.

Make Tweets Longer
: Tweets with under 60 characters see 1/3 the engagement of longer Tweets. Tweets between 120 and 130 characters perform best.

Personalise Retweets & Messages: Train yourself to personally reply to any retweets and content shares from your audience. It takes time, but this a great way to start conversations and will make users feel more valued.

Make things easy: Often it helps to specify your intention straight away. Using square brackets can help users understand your message faster e.g. [blog], [infographic].

When to Write It

Timing is Everything: Tweeting in the afternoon is better than the morning: around 1-3pm.

Pace Your Tweets: Dan Zarrella’s investigation found that the more links were tweeted per hour, the more an account’s CTR decreased. One Tweet per hour was the optimum.

How To Write The Perfect Tweet by NukeSuite

Maintain a Constant Frequency: Top performing brands average 1-5 Tweets per day.

Don’t Forget the Weekends: Tweets posted at the weekends show a higher rate of engagement than those during the week.

What to Include

Always use an Image: Tweets with images average 2X the engagement of Tweets without images. On top of that links with embedded photos perform 29% better than plain text Tweets with links.

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Use Native Image Types: Help your CTR by using pic.twitter.com. These links auto-embed, unlike most other image types, giving you double the chance of getting a user onto your site.

Avoid fuzzy images by sizing your images correctly. People are more likely to engage with crisp and clear pictures.

Here are the dimensions you need:

How To Write The Perfect Tweet by NukeSuite

Mix Up Your Media: Use GIFs and video to enhance your brand and entertain your audience.
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Maximise your 140 characters: Save space by shortening your links with a url shortener, such as bitly or TinyURL.

Use Hashtags & Links Together
: Tweets with hashtags and links outperform Tweets with just one or another.

Tools like RiteTag can be added to your account to help you assess which hashtags make the most sense for your brand.

Customise your links: Using a personalised link shortener improves your chances of a click-through. We use Sniply for ours!

Link positioning: According to ‘social scientist’ Dan Zarrella, placing your link 25% into your Tweet significantly raises the click through rate.

What Not to Forget…

Don’t overload on #hashtags: Tweets with more than two hashtags get 32% less engagement.

How To Write The Perfect Tweet by NukeSuite

Check your Links: Pasting a broken link is a pain for everyone.

For your users, when the link doesn’t work; and you, when you have to do the embarrassing Tweet repeat!

Putting these strategies into practice might take some time, but you’ll begin to see what works for your brand pretty quickly! Keep Tweeting!

What are your tips for the perfect Tweet? Comment below!

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