Why You Should Better Integrate Emojis in your Social Media Strategy

A picture is worth a thousand words. No wonder then that emojis are massively used on social networks. If you are still skeptical to use them for your brand, we share below good reasons to say that emoticons can ease conversations with your communities. Ready to feel ? by your fans?

Reveal your identity with emojis

The first trace of smiley in history dates back to 1982 with Scott Fahlman’s creation. He describes the series characters “:-)” and “:-(” like simple symbols to express emotions.

You’ve probably heard that emojis, expressing feelings, do not belong in business communications. This is sometimes true, but their use has been democratised for months and greatly expanded in all professional spheres .


Emojis allow you to translate to your fans a feeling or emotion.

Demonstrating a feeling, sharing a value, expressing an opinion: emojis enhance your brand’s message. You can use them in most cases – See the Top 10 emojis used by brands.

We advise all the same to remain cautious and not going overboardDon’t put 4 different emojis in a tweet!

The brand Missguided is a good example of using emoji on Twitter & Instagram.

Emojis are now widely used

Crowned word of the year 2015 by the very serious Oxford dictionary, emojis can no more be ignored.

According to an article about the undeniable influence of the emoji, we exchange 96 emojis per day on average.

It is now hard to ignore the emoji dominance in your communication with users, who use them daily. Up to you to make your brand benefit from it!

Emojis = mobile. And mobile is your priority !

It is obvious that the mobile explosion has multiplied exchanges including smileys. SMS, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat: so many services that help to use emojis. An interesting study realised by Instagram ingeniors shows clearly the evolution of symbol usage compared to emoji keyboards release on iOS and Android. instagram-emoji-adoption-mobile-keyboard Remind to formate your publications for mobile, your followers will love it!

Become more popular using emojis

A study about over 30 millions tweets and half a million facebook posts establishes a strong link between popularity and using smileys on social networks. WWF-social-campaign-endangeredemoji Even if the icon symbol seems a little too simple, smileys are a strong mean of popularity for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram posts.

Among the various campaign of brands on social media WWF‘s for saving endangered species, stood in people’s mind.

Our tip : It is important to measure the impact of smiley usage on your global reach. Define a set of rules and a group of smileys you allow your team to use.

With an emoji your message become simpler

It is not always easy to find the right words to address your followers or your clients. We all have many experiences of long minutes needed to find the right expression to annonce a brand event, and hit your target. Emojis’ biggest advantage is to make things simple.

5 Emojis and Coca Cola produces a story accessible to all. Which has a clear message : McDonald’s, and forget your daily troubles !


It is possible for you to realize a simple message aiming at your fans and involving your brand.

Our tip : Use those emojis in your publications to remove or complete text or to create a visual including emojis.

Widely used by teenagers, not reserved to them !

Clearly emojis meet an incredible success among young people thanks to mobile and social networks. It is not a reason to think you shouldn’t use them.

Just because your target is over 25 years old, you think you should ignore a way of expression that is simple, universal and able to share emotions ?

Even Goldman Sachs adopted emojis visual language, to publish a report on the “millenials” way of life, and their consequences on economy. Can’t be more serious !


Another exemple American company GE developped a complete website to create a link between science and expressing feelings icons.

Your brand becomes more human

All means are good to get you closer to your users, show them how much they mean to you.

Retweeting a user message or responding to a comment by adding a smiley definitely shows your proximity and allows you to offer a positive image of your brand.

Intelligent usage of yellow-faced symbols helps boosting your brand’s image.

Highlight calendar and brand events

It has become impossible for a brand not to rely on calendar events, creating its history throughout the year. Brand anniversary, news, or calendar event (Valentine’s day ❤️, start of school year ?, Christmas ?, Halloween ? ,skipping many more ..) are as many moments that create a link between yourself and your users. Emojis can help you transmitting a message in your communication plan around the event to ensure maximum impact, on social media and in your newsletter.

Also unavoidable in todays trends : real time marketing. You noticed brand’s strong tendency to participate in buzzing or news making discussions between users. Nothing is better than emojis to interact with people involved in the subject.

See how brands reacted to events #StarWarsDay or #BackToTheFuture

Anchor your brand into users’ daily life

As written in this HuffPost article, people using emojis are more likely to be influent on Twitter. Why wouldn’t your brand benefit from it ? Your brand popularity on social media helps to be part of your followers daily life. Victorias-Secret-emoji-keyboard According to that, Some brands even created a catalogue of emojis for their fans – sometimes offered in a dedicated mobile app. With the aim of showing a certain proximity to users. In a sexy way, Victoria’s Secret (see above), in a more sober one Karl Lagerfeld or in a practical way Ikea. Some stars even ask emojis for their favourite brand!

Calm criticism with humour

In addition to expressing feelings, the emoji brings a playful tone to your discourse.
happy-customer-emojiAnswering a negative, or positive, feedback is not always easy. Emojis can, in some situations allow to lighten the mood, while maintaining the seriousness of the situation.

Direct messages or comments, are sometimes received different when read. A simple smiley allows to better convey the message you want to transmit.

In a more general way, humour can allow you to answer to harsh criticism and should better your brand image.

Emojis are free of use

Why are they so used? The symbol? Simplicity of use? Yes, but not only! The free usage of the icons of happiness plays a major role in their adoption on social media.

Each social network, each mobile operating system proposes its version of the icons. With more or less deepness.


It is possible to access different emojis gallery on various websites. Among them, Getemoji
or Emojipedia proposes the variation of every emojis for each social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and on different smartphones (Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, LG, etc.).

Just go to these sites (we suggest you bookmark them) and copy paste emojis to use them in your publications and comments. Let’s realise the perfect tweet!


coussins-emoji-lol-loveEmojis influence is no more to be proven. The small yellow icons find their place in the way you shape your discourse for your users. Don’t overuse them and adapt their use to your target.

Finally, if you are not convinced you can console yourself with those beautiful emoji cushions ! 😉

About the author

Alexandre Oudart

Co-founder & CMO at Nuke Suite (http://www.nukesuite.com) with more than 10 years experience in web services marketing.

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