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How Pepe Jeans London Streamlines their Social Presence

Pepe Jeans London is an international denim and fashion brand. Present in over 60 countries, Pepe Jeans London has over 300 stores internationally.

They are reknowned for their youthful brand image and iconic advertising campaigns: factors which make it even more crucial for Pepe Jeans London to have a strong social media presence on an international scale.

Pepe Jeans London has in-house marketing teams, and works with a handful of external agencies worldwide for their digital and social marketing activities.

Pepe Jeans London was looking for a comprehensive solution for their social media marketing needs; one with flexibility, and tools that allowed for quick and effective collaboration between and within teams.

How Pepe Jeans London Perfected their Content Strategy

Pepe Jeans London chose Nuke Suite for the management of their global social media presence.

The entire Pepe Jeans London marketing structure transitioned to using Nuke Suite for for all social activities; including, social publishing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; sharing content across their social teams; managing their social workflow process; and social analytics.

Our teams have to manage social content in different languages for over 30 distinct country presences. Our whole organisation uses Nuke Suite to coordinate, optimize and execute our social content strategy seamlessly.

Txerra Pardinas
Social Media Manager, Pepe Jeans London

They were able to increase the efficiency of their social presence by putting in place approval processes for publications, with the local teams at a country level creating posts and sending them to team heads in Madrid or elsewhere for final approval before posting.

By centralising content production within their entire organisation with a calendar that allowed teams to view all posts scheduled for publication, along with the targeted markets.

Pepe Jeans London used Nuke Suite’s content repository and sharing tools to facilitate collaboration between their teams—upper level content managers could upload files and folders and share them with global team members, who used them to create publications.

300,000 more fans in one month

By using Nuke Suite, Pepe Jeans London garnered over 300,000 total fans in one month

15% increase in efficiency

Pepe Jeans London were able to increase efficiency on a global and local scale by an average of 15%

Improved social presence in 30 countries

By easily sharing content between international and local teams Pepe Jeans London improved their presence, worldwide


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