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Deezer Sparks Creativity Online

Launched in Paris in 2007, Deezer is a web-based streaming service to listen to music via multi-devices, online and offline

Available in over 180 countries, Deezer has 16 million monthly active users and 6 million paying subscribers who enjoy the 35 million track catalogue.

Deezer's Objectives on Social

Since launching on networks in 2012, Deezer's personality on socia l media is visually strong and creatively dynamic. With a global presence, Deezer have to continuously find in novative ways to communicate with a variety of ages and cultures.

Active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube  and Instagram, as well as their own blog, Deezer’s social media activities are comprised of coordinating multiple platforms across several countries. 

With nearly 3 million fans on Facebook  and 1.1  million on Twitter, Deezer have a large and active communicate to engage with. To this end, they run a number of different applications -- for example, quizzes on Facebook and Q&A sessions on Twitter -- and cross-channel integration, to inspire and grow their fan bases. 

Our teams have to manage social content in different languages for over 45 distinct country presences. The whole organisation uses Nuke Suite to seamlessly optimise and execute our social content strategy.

Maxime Hock
Social Media Manager, Deezer

How Deezer Reaches Music Fans

In order to  manage a sphere  of this size Deezer  needed a simple tool to implement various social activities at once. By using Nuke Suite’s  Engage module, they were able to schedule social content in over 30 countries, seamlessly.

In addition, they utilised the  platform’s Enrich module to improve the company’s efficiency with a centralised publication calendar. This included a  Content Approval System to assign tasks and permissions between Social Managers  and Community Managers  before content was published. 

3 milion fans on Facebook

Deezer uses Facebook to actively engage with nearly 3 million fans

1.1 millions followers on Twitter

Combining their global accounts, Deezer has an audience of 1.1 million to entertain every day

Geo-targeting to over 30 countries

Deezer used Nuke's platform to execute social targeting to multiple countries, worldwide.

Enrich also allowed Deezer to refine their social  strategy by geo-targeting campaigns. 

Thanks to the Analyse module, Deezer benefited from Nuke's smart analytics tools -- essential feedback for them to identify which media campaigns were most effective and when.


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