How a beauty brand gains loyalty on social

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Carita: Optimising User Engagement

Carita has a long history, strong identity, and a loyal fanbase. However, social media as a marketing channel could have been more developed in order to engage clients and prospects.

As a beauty brand, Carita has a very visual personality. By posting large, high quality photos of hairstyles created using their products, Carita has a powerful resonance with their fans on social.

Photos from runway shows and other fashion events give Carita’s Facebook fans a glimpse into the brand’s luxury universe.

Carita's objectives on social

Carita wanted to go even further, and generate an even stronger engagement and affinity with their fans, as well as widening their brand’s recognition.

Nous réalisons des campagnes media pour plusieurs marques sur Facebook et Twitter. Nuke Suite est un outil facile à utiliser et qui nous permet d’être efficaces dans la gestion des différents comptes pour toutes nos campagnes.

Fanny Mafalanka
International Project Manager, Carita Decléor L'Oréal Group

How Carita expanded on social

To accomplish this, Carita adjusted their social activities, focusing on two of their strongest assets—their visual identity and luxury status—and find ways to draw their fans even closer to these focal points.

Their strategy for achieving this: create social applications for their Facebook page and dedicated sites that would give fans the opportunity to enter into the Carita world.

To do this, they built Instagram contests—where fans could upload photos of their hairstyles in order to win Carita products—; and video votes, where fans could vote for their favourite brand videos.

95% increase in activity

Carita’s Instagram contest drew thousands of pieces of user-generated content, and increased the activity rate on their Facebook page by over 95%

40,000 fans on Facebook

Nearly 40,00 fans on Facebook engage with Carita's content on a regular basis

9% more conversions

Through their cross-channel campaign, Carita drove 9% more sales to their site

Building an app that integrated Instagram made it really simple for fans to take, edit, hashtag, and upload their photos. Having user-generated photos on the app promoted key Carita qualities—glamour, exclusivity—to their fanbase, and created positive brand associations and increased loyalty.

Similarly, the video vote app immersed thousands into the Carita world: significantly increasing fan engagement and user activity.


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