10 Mistakes Every Community Manager Should Avoid

In Community Management there are always umpteen things you need to be doing. But how about the things you shouldn’t be doing? We run down a list of ten common mistakes that Community Managers make on social…

Not Posting Consistently on Social Networks

Not posting frequently enough on social networks is one of the key mistakes that a community manager can make. This is crucial in connecting your fans to your brand, and communicating with them to receive that crucial feedback.

A lack of regular updates — define this consistency in your content marketing strategy — will make users doubt your reliability when it comes to social media. Which might lead to unfollows…

Using the Same Content Across All Channels

Each social network has a different audience so it’s essential to tailor your content to suit them.

Depending on which network they use, many readers will favour a particularly style or subject of content. What goes down a treat on Twitter, doesn’t necessarily work for Facebook.

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Likewise, age ranges will differ — e.g. teens preferring Instagram and Snapchat — so think about the target user on each network and create the content that will engage them.

This goes hand in hand with keeping your creativity up. It’s a tough job to keep the ideas flowing, but think about the content that you personally like to read. What grabs you about it? What headlines did they use? How did they rework an well-known idea?

Relying only on Automated Publishing

Don’t get us wrong, we are obvisouly HUGE advocates of tools which help to streamline your social media marketing. We’d be out of a job if that wasn’t the case… But there is a lot to be said for reacting to your communities in real time too.

Not only does this help them see you as a real person, but the chance to engage personally with your audience is what gives you great brand feedback.

That’s not to say you have to be glued to Twitter 24/7 — using an alert system (we like Mention) will help you stay on track when your communities are talking about you.

Replying to Comments on Social Immediately

Of course, this depends on the case (if someone’s found a mouse in something, that needs to be dealt with ASAP) and audience size. Many CMs make the mistake of answering a question after a minute and cutting the conversation short. After all you’re ‘the one with the answers’. If you jump in right away, the thread ends…

When the problem isn’t too severe, it’s really interesting to see how the community responds to a question. Not only does this form a tighter network amongst your fans, but also offers opinions without your input.

Not Having a Solid Content Plan

With the nature of social media, there is a temptation to go in many directions with your content.

However great inbound marketing always needs a tie-in with your target audience — you should always be trying to connect your content to your brand.

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For instance if you’re a fashion brand, a video history of a particular garment, or your favourite fashion bloggers to follow — gosh the options are endless. You can still think outside the box and keep fans engaged with your fan message.

Obsessed with Counting Followers

We know your primary objective is to grow your communities, but it’s not the best metric to determine growth. A smaller, loyal and interactive community is ten times more useful to you than a giant one with no-one that engages with your brand.

If the latter is the case for you, think about new ways of animating your audience. If you’ve been using the same tactics for a while, things like Instagram campaigns will cost you little and are ideal for engaging and rewarding your fanbase.

Think engagement rate first — your community will grow faster when it’s healthy.

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Trying to Be Everywhere on Social

There’s more pressure than ever to be on social and to do all the networks really, really well. However, this risks spreading yourself thin. If you’re working better on Instagram than on Twitter, go with it. It’s much better (for your time management and eReputation) to be stronger on a few networks than be weak on many

And then it’s time to test. It’s harder to know where you’re excelling if you’re focusing on several platforms at once, so test campaigns on separate networks.

In the long run it pays to see where your audience is most interactive — at what time and with which content —and go from there.

By the by, with Nuke Suite, you can create, execute and analyse campaigns across multiple networks from our all-in-one software (just sayin’).

Not Taking Care of Current Followers

Someone signs up to receive your newsletter. Great! But that’s not the end of the story. While it’s natural to think about the fans you don’t have yet, you still need to take care of the ones you have. Users will start to drift if you don’t give them a reason to stay.

Particularly if you’re an eCommerce site, there are myriad ways to entertain and maintain your fans — time-limited offers, personalised messages — it’s foolish to assume you’ve got them for life.

Neglecting Your Analytics

Determining your content progression isn’t limited to how many likes you’ve had on an article. Figuring out where, how and why a post was popular is analysis.

There are numerous resources to help you get your head around the numbers — we rate KISSmetrics and Online Behaviour for really comprehensive guides.


The key to stellar community management is understanding audience behaviour — this comes with figuring out how and why they engage with your content.

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Deleting Bad Feedback

No-one likes criticism, but there’s no denying it’s a great learning tool. Deleting bad feedback or complaints from your social networks will not only inflame the commenter in question but won’t look great to anyone who might have seen it in passing.

Be polite, accept your fault, make reparations, and move on.

Of course, every brand is different but we hope that some of these guidelines will help you soar on social!

About the author

Alice White Walker

Swapping London for Paris, Alice is Nuke Suite's Marketing Manager. Her love of Instagram and Comté help in dissecting the latest innovations in brand marketing.

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